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temporary cold room rentals

When you are thinking about temporary cold room rentals for your next event or occasion, it’s worth considering the important things to look for, to decide what is going to work best for you. Think about those sectors who would potentially choose cold room rentals – event professionals, stadium facilities managers, venues, professional caterers, supermarkets, and so on – the list is almost endless. In today’s article, we consider some of these factors below.

1 – Location

Whatever equipment you need to hire, not just modular cold rooms or any other equipment hire, it will always be beneficial for you to hire locally. This is because, generally speaking, the further away you are from the hire company, the more expensive your transport charges are likely to be. With this in mind, a refrigeration hire company such as eventhireRefrigeration, for instance, that operates from multiple hubs around the country, will always offer beneficial transport rates compared to single-location companies.

2 – Range of cold room rentals products

A range of refrigeration products is, of course, vital so that all your needs can be catered for. You might need a small cold room or a large cold room – the good news is that because our temporary cold rooms are modular, this means that we can create the cold room size you need! From temporary bar events through to mass catering events, we have all the refrigeration hire you need.

3 – Service

Let’s not forget that service is a hugely important factor to consider when it comes to temporary cold room rentals. This is because the lead up to big events can be hectic (and sometimes chaotic!), and so you need to have faith that your cold room company is going to arrive on time, with the right products, in good quality, and is going to be able to install and commission your cold room where and when you need it. The team at eventhireRefrigeration are experts in this field, and so you can count on us!

4 – Price of temporary refrigeration rentals

And finally, price. We’ve deliberately left this factor until last, as we believe the above factors are more important. That said, we all like to feel as though we are getting value for money, and that is what we set out to achieve here at eventhireRefrigeration. If you are looking for cheap cold room rentals, then you’re probably in the wrong place. If you want affordable cold room rentals, backed up by excellent customer service, then you need look no further!

Hopefully this information will assist you when the time comes for you to rent temporary cold rooms. Don’t hesitate to browse our range of temporary modular cold rooms here online at eventhireRefrigeration and send us a quote request, and our team will be delighted to provide you with a customised quotation, based on your specific requirements.

We very much look forward to hearing from you soon.


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