Modular Cold Rooms

Modular cold rooms are a great option when it comes to temporary event refrigeration, enabling you to bolster your existing on-site refrigeration facilities with additional, valuable cold storage. Our cold rooms are modular and available in a variety of sizes, and are delivered and installed by our team on site, providing you with a simple, affordable and hassle-free solution behind the scenes. Portable cold room hire is definitely the solution for many settings.

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Many big events in the UK live events calendar require additional on-site cold storage due to the number of visitors and guests they are expecting.  This could be anything from a large sports stadium holding a music concert for thousands of people, and so they need refrigeration infrastructure behind the scenes, through to a gala dinner at a London venue who need cold storage to house ingredients and drinks, for example. 

Temporary cold room hire for any setting

It might also be for a supermarket, for instance, who are experiencing a problem with their storage chillers and who need an urgent refrigeration solution.  This is exactly the reason why walk-in fridges are popular all throughout the year but, naturally, more so in the summer.  The number of events that take place in the summer and which need to ensure that their refrigeration requirements are top-notch is extensive, so demand is high.  

And it is important that you note this peak in demand, and this ultimately means that modular cold rooms get booked well in advance. Our recommendation to you, therefore, is to ensure that you book your refrigeration requirements as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Get in contact as soon as you have an idea about your requirements for short term cold room rental – it’s always easier to tweak an order nearer the time, rather you leave everything until the last minute. 

Portable modular cold room rental

Our modular cold rooms are delivered and installed by our team on site, who won’t leave until you are satisfied that everything is present and correct. Please allow our team 2-3 hours per cold room for installation.

Both our logistics team and sales & support team is here to provide you with a seamless hire experience when it comes to temporary cold room rental from start to finish, and so put your faith in the hands of the experts today!

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