Modular cold room hire for any setting

Modular cold room hire is ideal for any setting, from big event catering and bar operators, through
modular cold room hire

Modular cold room hire is one of those pieces of equipment that you always want to put on your requirements list for a big catering event, for instance, even though it is one of the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Ultimately, it stands to reason, because most events involve some form of catering, and as the event organiser or head chef, you will want (and demand) your catering team to produce only the finest quality. They can only do this, of course, if they have access to quality catering equipment of the right type and in the right numbers. Modular cold rooms fall into this bracket, in that they provide temporary cold room storage for food ingredients, liquids and other essentials in large volumes, so that your catering team can provide a fast and efficient service in the lead up to the event and during the event itself, depending upon the course they are producing at any given time.

Portable cold room hire in different sizes

Modular cold rooms are exactly that – modular. This means that different sizes of cold rooms can be provided, depending upon your requirements, and constructed by our team on site from various panels which slot together to create the finished cold room. You should allow 2-3 hours per cold room, as a rule of thumb, for installation and commissioning. It’s also important that you ensure that your power source is in place before we arrive so that sign-off can be achieved to the required standard.

Temporary cold rooms can be positioned either indoors or outdoors, and need to be located on a hard, flat surface. Cold room hire has never been easier!

Of course, it’s not just caterers and bar operators that need to hire modular cold rooms. If you think of food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the lead up to Christmas, for instance, where additional capacity is a must, then there’s another reason for hiring these portable cold rooms. Also, in an emergency, cold room rentals come into their own as a temporary solution.

Also, away from the world of food and drink, also consider hospitals, chemical companies and other organisations who potentially need cold room hire. Remember COVID-19 as an example?

Hire refrigeration online for any location

So, whatever the setting, when the time comes for you to rent a modular cold room, don’t hesitate to check out our range of cold room hire here online at eventhireRefrigeration. Let us know what you need, when you need it and where you are in the UK, and we will provide you with a quotation by email, the same working day that we receive your enquiry.

We very much look forward to hearing from you soon.


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