Hire efficient cold rooms with pallet doors

If you need large volume refrigerated solutions for big events & occasions, why not check out our
cold rooms with pallet doors

Modular cold rooms with pallet doors are a great option when it comes to temporary refrigerated storage hire. Modular means that they can be assembled in a variety of sizes, according to the volume capacity required which, ultimately, will be determined by the size of your event and your overall refrigerated requirements. Put simply, the bigger your event, the more volume you will need, and the larger the cold room you will need.

Our standard cold rooms have a 2.4m frontage, and then can be expanded in length in 2.4m sections going backwards. Part of the 2.4m frontage is a standard door, which is a standard fit on almost any cold room for hire in the UK.

Portable chiller rooms with large doors

However, here at eventhireRefrigeration, we aim to bring you as much choice and versatility as possible when it comes to your cold room rentals and, to this end, we also offer the option of having a pallet door to replace the standard door.

The pallet door, as its name would suggest, is big enough to allow wooden pallets through the doorway. Why? Well, because for larger bar events, for instance, there is a requirement for forklifts to position pallets of kegs, soft drinks and other items inside the cold room in large quantities. A pallet door enables this to happen, and so eradicates the need for these heavy items to be lifted by hand into the cold room from outside.

In the grand scheme of things, for this convenience, the pallet door is an excellent option for many of our clients such as bar operators, for instance, and certainly something that is popular for big outdoor events in the summer months, where large volumes of drinks need to be chilled and also be accessible at short notice. It will come as no surprise, then, to learn that cold rooms with pallet doors are hugely popular.

Cold rooms with pallet doors are essential pieces of equipment for many

Don’t hesitate, therefore, to check out our range of portable cold rooms with pallet doors – you are sure to find what you need when it comes to refrigeration solutions to meet your requirements. From temporary walk-in fridge hire through to refrigerated trailers, under counter bar fridges and bottle fridges with glass doors, for instance, we really do offer you the complete range of refrigeration hire for venues, events and occasions.

Bar operators, supermarkets, stadium facilities managers, music venues, hospitals and food wholesalers and manufacturers are just a few of the client types that draw on our stocks for refrigeration hire on a regular basis. This just goes to show the wide range of industry sectors that we cover with our refrigeration hire products.

Don’t hesitate to browse today and send us an online quote request with your details as to what you need when it comes to cold rooms with pallet doors, when you need it and for how long, and one of our team will come back to you the same working day that we receive your enquiry.

We very much look forward to hearing from you soon – it has never been easier to hire cold rooms with pallet doors!


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