Freezer rental at short notice

If you need freezer rental at short notice, then we can help you!
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Freezer space is one of those things that we all take for granted…until it goes wrong. If your freezer goes kaput at home, then you’re in a race against time to avoid your frozen food thawing out and spoiling. Professional caterers might also be facing the same problem, but on a larger – and more expensive – level. There can be hundreds and, sometimes, thousands of pounds worth of foodstuffs that must be kept chilled!

Emergency freezer rental UK

That’s why we often get calls about short notice freezer hire from a huge variety of clients. It might be a caterer, as we’ve mentioned, but likewise it could be from a food wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer, for instance, who need emergency freezer hire, or perhaps they are doing a shop refit and need additional freezer capacity.

And when it comes to emergency freezer rental, you can count on one or more of the products in our range here at eventhireRefrigeration fit the bill. From chest freezers and upright catering freezers through to towable trailer freezers and modular walk-in freezers, we are able to offer you the complete range of temporary freezers for hire for any eventuality.

Temporary freezer hire can be affordable

Not only will you find the freezer rental products you need, but you will also find us to be committed to helping you wherever we can. OK, at short notice, it isn’t always possible – especially in peak season – but if we have the freezers available, then we’ll endeavour to assist you. After all, service is something we pride ourselves on.

So, keep our number handy for when you are stuck when it comes to emergency fridge and freezer hire, and get in contact with our team – we’ll be happy to help.


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