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Come the summer, so the demand for refrigeration solutions naturally increases. The warmer months bring an increase in the number of large scale events, all of which need ways and means to keep ingredients and drinks cool in the lead up to – and during – the event. Fridge trailer hire, therefore, is in high demand!

Fridge trailer hire in different sizes

Here at eventhireRefrigeration, we offer the complete range of temporary refrigeration solutions, of which refrigerated trailer hire is one. We’re pretty sure that we could hire out our range of fridge trailer hire range ten times over in the Summer, despite us having one of the largest fleets available.

This is because trailer fridges and trailer freezers are a hassle-free solution – simply tow them to site, lock them into position and plug them in, and away you go – a walk-in fridge which provides you with temporary refrigeration at its best.

Who benefits from choosing trailer fridge hire? Well, as well as the obvious client types such as bar operators and caterers at big scale events, there is a whole world of other clients who will use refrigeration trailers. These include restaurants, festivals, facilities managers, food manufacturers, food wholesalers & retailers, hospitals and even chemical companies and laboratories, for instance. After all, it’s not just food and drink cooled storage where refrigerated trailer units come into their own, but also patient drugs, vaccines and other medicines that need to be kept at a precise, cool temperature. Fridge trailer really is extremely versatile!

Request a quote for fridge trailer rentals

We have a number of different sizes of trailer fridge rental available here at eventhireRefrigeration and so don’t hesitate to have a look at what we can offer. Send us a quote request online and one of our team will come back to you, normally the same working day that we receive your enquiry.

We’re to help with your event, large or small, so get in contact today for the best fridge trailer hire – we will be delighted to hear from you!


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