Refrigerated trailers in huge demand throughout 2023

When you need refrigerated trailers, which are always a popular choice for event professionals, caterers and more,
refrigerated trailers

Large temporary events need major refrigeration solutions, and they don’t come much better than refrigerated trailers. As their name would suggest, these are fridges and freezers in the form of a towable trailer. Some are just trailer fridges, others are just trailer freezers, and some can provide both a fridge and freezer in a single trailer – the world is your oyster!

Refrigerated trailers hire UK

But how do you know if you need to hire a refrigerated trailer or not? Put simply, the clue is in the size and location of your event. Towable refrigerated trailers come into their own when they are positioned and parked behind a venue or catering marquee, providing additional refrigerated capacity for your catering team, over and above what is already there. For instance, you might be catering an event in an historic venue, but there’s not enough refrigerated capacity in the existing kitchen – if this is the case, then a towable fridge trailer is probably the solution.

Trailer fridge hire & trailer freezer hire

Our temporary fridge trailers units are lockable, and you can walk in to grab what you need. They can come with internal racking (or not – you choose!) which makes everything easily accessible inside. The wheels are locked into place, and you can also set the temperature you need. It really is that simple.

So, the next time you are thinking about what refrigeration options there are to cater for your event, don’t hesitate to contact the team right here at eventhireRefrigeration, where our team will be delighted to work with you on all your refrigeration trailer rental needs. Browse and send us a quote request today!


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