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The world of catering, whether it is temporary event catering by professional caterers, or fixed venue catering in a restaurant or café, is a competitive one. For temporary event catering, planning ahead is an essential, making sure that your catering team have all the right refrigeration equipment to enable them to work their magic in the kitchen. In restaurants, a little less so, because you know that you probably already have the existing refrigeration capacity to be able to cope. However, what happens if you have a breakdown? You don’t want to be having to close the business for a period of time, as this means potential lost revenues and profits. Both of these catering settings are examples of where eventhireRefrigeration can provide you with a valuable service, offering you both back of house and front of house chiller solutions for any eventuality. We hope that this sections provides you with an idea of what is available from the nationwide refrigeration hire experts.

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